How much does it cost?

6 month subscription - £180 - meaning that each box cost £30

12 month subscription - £250 - meaning that each box costs £25

Is this box suitable for me?

If your son or daughter is in Year 5 studying or thinking about studying for their 11+ exams, then this box is suitable for you.

What's in the box?

Every one our boxes is different and features some of the best products that we have on here! Your child will receive a selection of items designed to inspire, support and help them to focus - to see pictures of our most recent boxes visit our Instagram

How does this help my child revise?

Our boxes all come with a revision questions and test papers which help to outline tasks that your child should be doing on a daily basis. As well as academic resources there are: motivational quotes, stationery, educational toys (with a few treats added in) and a daily tasks calendar to help keep you on track. ADDED - a parents help video outlines all solutions

How much does it cost?

Our exam practice papers vary in price dependent on vendor (£2-12)

Is this paper suitable for me?

The exam papers posted below are designed to be treated as mock exams. They are ideal for students who have fully completed the syllabus and are ready to practice a full timed paper (end of Year 5 or start of Year 6)

How does this help my child revise?

All exam papers state which exam boards they are ideal for (CSSE, CEM, GL or independent). They follow the same style as these exams down to the number of questions and timings.

What is an 11+ resource?

From workbooks to flashcards, online courses, word wheels and vocab packed stories - there are lots of resources out there to help your child through their 11+ preparation. We highlight our favourites.

Is this suitable for me?

From Year 4 to Year 6 these resources help anyone who is considering 11+ exams. Of course, we have reviewed every resource and so you can see what topics it covers and who we would recommend it for.

How does this help my child revise?

11+ revision is all about covering the syllabus, practicing the style of question and making sure that the questions are completed quickly and accurately. these resources help children to practice their key skills and can be fun to use too.

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